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Balloon launcher car toy set

Balloon launcher car toy set

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Product Information:

Aerodynamic car

We know that all parents want their children to have fun, so we try to design these toys for your children,

Every one of it is fun and easy to use, The perfect gift for kids or toddlers,

The surface is smooth and has no sharp corners, which will not harm the delicate skin of the child!

Car mode and launchpad mode. In car mode, it provides power for the car to advance on the ground;

in launch mode, it sends rockets or astronauts into the air,

Educational toys: This is a set of aerodynamic vehicles, suitable for children to conduct scientific

experiments on aerodynamics, This will increase children's interest in science and knowledge.

Safe material, no battery: The toy is made of high-quality ABS plastic, durable and practical,

non-toxic, safe, smooth surface, without any sharp corners, and will not harm the delicate skin of children,

It combines a car and a balloon, and then is driven by the balloon air, Therefore no battery is required,

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