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Luxury Acrylic Tissue Box With Holder

Luxury Acrylic Tissue Box With Holder

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1. Multi-functional storage design: Glitter pattern tissue box can not only store tissue, but also store daily necessities such as pens and remote controls, reducing the messy desktop. 

2. 4-corner anti-skid design: its 4-corner anti-skid design can keep the tissue box stable on various surfaces and is not easy to slide, making you feel more assured when using It. 

3. Exquisite craftsmanship: the exquisite diamond pattern design stands out with its unique craftsmanship and elegant appearance, adding a little fashion element to your living Space.

4. Light luxury fashion: with its unique design and high texture material, it shows the style of light luxury, which is practical and adds a sense of fashion to the home, meeting the two major needs of beauty and practicality. 

5. Environmentally friendly material: the tissue box is made of environmentally friendly material, and the distillate is hard and durable. It is also an environmentally friendly way to take care of your health and protect the environment at the same time.

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