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Slap Chop Slicer With Stainless Steel Cutter

Slap Chop Slicer With Stainless Steel Cutter

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The Slap Chop makes meal prep much faster by chopping your favorite fruits and vegetables in seconds! By simply slapping the plunger downward, you can chop and dice foods as fine as you need for all your kitchen creations. No switching blades! Rotating stainless steel cutter turn with each push of the plunger moving the food so you don’t have to! The Slap Chop is easily opened for thorough cleaning and is dishwasher safe. Make your meals more creative and spend less time chopping!·Easy to Use:Rotating stainless steel cutters make chopping your favorite foods simple!·Dishwasher Safe:Removable base and cup container and easy access to the inside cutters make the Slap Chop easy to clean!·Versatile:Ideal for chopping many foods such as potatoes, nuts, fruits, onions, apples, eggs and more! The more you slap, the finer your foods get!·Select your Size:One slap of the plunger chops foods into bite-sized pieces and subsequent slaps create a finer, diced effect. No need to switch cutters!

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