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3D Led Digital Clock

3D Led Digital Clock

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3D LED Digital Clock wall deco Glowing Night Mode Adjustable Electronic Table Clock Wall Clock decoration living room LED Clock 


The battery is a memory battery, which is used to store time and other settings. Memory mode can be entered when there is no power supply 


Memory mode: When a memory battery is installed, it will automatically travel when there is no power supply. When there is no battery or power supply, remember the latest clock and various setting modes 


Note: The memory battery has no power supply function and can only remember the time. 


USB cable power supply 


Material: Acrylic + ABS 


Color: black, white 


Light color: white, pink, blue, orange 


Size: 22.5*8cm 


 1.LED time display 


2. Display time, date, temperature, alarm clock 3. Temperature range 0°C-50°C (32°F-122°F) 


4. Brightness automatic dimming kinetic energy 5.4 buttons: SET UP DOWN RESET 


6. Date: January 1, 2000 December 31, 2099 


7. LED screen automatically performs time, date and temperature conversion 


8.AL1, AL2, AL3 three alarm clocks 


9. Can be placed on the desktop or wall hanging Package includes: 


1PCS*LED clock(without battery) 


1PCS*power cord 



1PCS*instruction manual

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