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Double Sided Meat Hammer

Double Sided Meat Hammer

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1. Versatile: Dual-purpose design, use the flat surface to pound fish fillets into thin slices and flatten delicate pork, crepes, schnitzels. Or use the textured side for tenderization for a perfect, tender, juicy steak. 


2. Ergonomic: Ergonomically designed, balanced head design allows mallet and gravity to do all the work in less time, item measures 7.7 inches long. 


3. Perfect Cookware: Perfectly infuses meat with flavor, spice and dry rub marinades. Crush ice for cocktails, thaw frozen vegetables, crumble crab and crush garlic. 


4. Great for Baking: Shelled nuts and crushed hard candies like toffees 


or mints are super easy to use and a time saver, let you cook more fast. 


5. Good material, easy to clean: Made of high quality aluminum alloy, strong and durable, with sharp head, easy to clean after use. 




This Meat Tenderizer is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, durable, sharp head, easy to clean after use. Dual-use design, use the flat side for pounding filets thin, to flatten delicate pork, wafer-thin cutlets, schnitzel. Or use the textured side for tenderizing to create perfect, tender, juicy steaks, the perfect choice for your family. 


Specifications: Material: Aluminum alloy Size: 195*55*55mm 



Color: Silver 

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